Texas Medical Board – Mental Health Questions

The Texas Medical Board’s May 2019 bulletin begins with a article from the board’s President addressing the mental health questions that appear on the board’s different licensure applications. Way back in the day the board staff sought guidance from universities, those versed in the American with Disabilities Act and other state medical boards in formatting the mental health questions. Those questions have come under review again after the Federation of State Medical Boards urged their member boards to soften these probing questions. I found it refreshing for the board’s President to reinforce the board’s purpose – public protection. At Garanflo and Meyer we are acutely aware of the stigma that some may believe will be applied if they respond with “yes” to any of the mental health questions, but we work very hard to help applicants understand the reason behind these questions, how the review process will proceed and how the board staff is respectful in their handling of all mental health statements and records.


I believe that this article on mental health, the mental health questions and the history of those questions will be most useful. Denise Meyer