Texas Medical Board News December 2023

The Texas Medical Board’s latest bulletin is full of news related to licensure. FY2023 saw another increase in licenses issued – a record 7,060 licenses. And the Interstate Compact process saw 1,607 licenses issued. Texas now has over 100,000 licensees. This is an incredible milestone given the changes Licensure staff had to endure in moving from all hands on deck to licensure staff spread across Texas. Kudos to Grace Unterborn and staff for continuing amazing work. The average processing days remain around 28 days.

Let’s address this 28 day processing time. As most applicants will tell you it takes way longer than 28 days to have their application processed. The 28 day processing time does not include the number of days that an applicant sits in Screen. Although a great idea many legislative sessions ago it has become glaringly obvious that staff members in Screen have taken on a greater role of analyst, reviewing documents as opposed to checking them of LIST. This can be very helpful if the Screen staff member is somewhat senior but many times adds unwarranted delays. I have addressed this with Licensure management but to no avail. I’ll continue to push for change in this area come the 2025 legislative session.

So here at G&M Consulting we will continue to stay on top of changes not only in law and rule but also in process at the board.