Medical Licensing Services for Potential Employers, Recruiters, and Credentialing Staff

At Garanflo & Meyer Consulting we understand the importance of knowing whether the healthcare professional you are hiring is eligible for medical licensure in Texas, or if they will be subjected to a lengthy licensure process. Our 50 years of experience helping healthcare professionals get licensed in Texas will prove helpful when growing your team and deciding on new hires.

Before you spend time and money recruiting a healthcare professional, give us a call. We can conduct a preliminary determination of the healthcare professional’s eligibility for licensure for you BEFORE you spend any time and money on recruitment efforts.

Employers & Recruiters: Ensure your potential hire can be licensed to practice in Texas!

G&M consultants will speak with the potential licensee and obtain a limited subset of documents in order to determine if they are eligible for licensure in Texas. If the applicant is eligible but there are complex factors that indicate the medical licensing process may take longer, we will find that out for you in advance.

Once we’ve determined that your potential hire is eligible for licensure in Texas, we work with the physician and handle the administrative part of the licensing process, which includes: 

  • Filling out the application.
  • Obtaining required third party documentation, monitoring, and following up with the third parties as needed to speed up the process.
  • For documentation that requires physician involvement, we will do the work to ensure that the physician spends a minimum amount of time away from their other responsibilities.

If you are ready to begin the licensure process for one of your recruits or employees, call us at 888-400-1580 today!

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