Merry Christmas from Garanflo and Meyer Consulting

It is hard to believe that Garanflo and Meyer Consulting are about to celebrate ten years of consulting! It has been a great deal of satisfaction for Jaime and I to know that we have been able to help so many physicians with licensing in the state of Texas.

How Garanflo and Meyer Consulting Began

Many people ask how we decided to begin consulting. Neither of us had even considered being consultants. Not long after I retired I began getting calls. Calls came from attorneys, international medical schools, US medical schools and clinics asking for help. I was happy to help but had no idea where to begin. It was through some advice I received from a friend, who is an attorney, and had at one time been with the medical board that I began consulting.

When Jaime retired I asked her if she would join me, and she wholeheartedly agreed. We both knew that no one, except for current Texas Medical Board staff, knew licensure in Texas like we did. We also decided that our concentration would only be Texas, because that is what we knew. So Garanflo and Meyer Consulting, LLC began and the rest is history.! We both laugh when we encounter things in board rule or statute that we question until we realize that we are the ones that put most of this into place.

Garanflo and Meyer Consulting Today

Jaime no longer actively takes clients. She is always ready to talk through issues with me and help me remember why something is in rule or law and how to get around it. It is amazing that between the two of us we can remember so much about how things came about, what applicant started the change and what affect changes have had on others.

There are still impediments to licensure. I for one am hoping that this upcoming legislative session the House and Senate will make changes. In the meantime we will continue to aid as many physicians as possible.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year – Denise Meyer