And the docs keep coming!!!

It is still amazing every year when the numbers come out of the physician applications received and the number of physicians licensed.

Way back in the day when our numbers began to climb we were exhausted! Not only did the number of applications increase but the Physician in Training rules went into affect and it was holy hell!

Well, the numbers have not slowed down, neither have the physicians coming to Texas to train. And when you add in all the other license types that have been relocated to the Texas Medical Board you have a licensing pandemic – sorry, but it fits.

The number one question we receive, “Why does it take so long?”. It is not the the process is difficult unless you have a difficult history, it’s just too many applications and too few people – it’s that simple.

So, if you see Texas in your future apply early, follow the process and get your license now before we close the borders – only kidding!!

Oh, and the numbers. FY18 4,514 new licenses. FY19 4,839 new licenses.