Happy Holidays from G&M – The Legislature is about to kick into gear!

Happy Holidays from Garanflo & Meyer.  2014 has been an amazing year for G&M as we have been blessed to have assisted so many physicians and physician assistants with obtaining licensure in Texas. Looking forward to 2015 which looks to be a busy legislative session for the Texas Medical Board. On the horizon are the possibilities of the Licensure and PRC divisions absorbing other small health related agencies. At least one bill has been filed aimed at the investigative arm of the TMB, specifically regarding complaints.  HB179 filed by Zedler would require the TMB staff to change the language of notifications to licensees regarding complaints.  SB219 filed by Schwertner adds some reuquirements to Telemedicine.  Keep yourself up to date with legislative happenings by subscribing to Texas Legislature Online http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Home.aspx