Other Types of Medical Licenses

Garanflo & Meyer Consulting can help you find the license that is right for you!

Are you concerned that you do not meet the requirements for a full Texas medical license? Contact us to learn how we can help. Our expertise in Texas medical licensing means we have a range of knowledge on all the licensing options available to you. There are many other license types that G&M Consulting can help you explore.

Other Kinds of Medical Licenses Include:

  • If an academic appointment can be found, you might have access to a Distinguished Professor license, a Faculty Temporary License, or a Visiting Professor license.
  • Do you just need to come to Texas for a couple of weeks to train or be trained? We can help you obtain a Visiting Physician temporary license.
  • Are you practicing a form of Administrative Medicine? Are you a Chief Medical Officer or an Executive physician in a hospital system where your medical knowledge is relied upon for setting policy for patients? If so, then an Administrative Medicine license might be for you.
  • If you are a Public Health physician, there is a license type for you.
  • Not actually coming to Texas but you are providing care to a patient in Texas via robotics, radiology, or pathology? G&M can help you obtain an Out of State Telemedicine license.

Do not count yourself out of the Texas mix – consult with G&M, and we may have a solution for you!
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