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Surgical assistant licensing in Texas can be complex and time intensive. At Garanflo and Meyer Consulting, our 50 years of experience within the Texas Medical Board Licensure Division means we understand the licensing process inside and out. We are the best candidates for helping you navigate the licensing system so you can get your license as quickly and efficiently as possible.

G&M Consulting helps surgical assistants obtain their medical licenses in Texas

Surgical assistant applicants not only have a laundry list of documentation to provide the Texas Medical Board, but they must also provide documentation of having worked 2,000 hours as a surgical assistant prior to getting licensed. Yes, you read that right – you have to work as a Surgical Assistant before you can apply for a license!

Your education as a registered nurse first assistant, a physician assistant, or a physician may satisfy the educational program requirements for surgical assistant licensure. All applicants must prove completion of college courses in specified subjects.

G&M Consulting can help with making sure that your application documentation is accurate, thereby shortening the time frame for licensure. Give us a call to discuss your eligibility for licensure at 888-400-1580, or

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