Physician Assistant Licensing Service in Texas

G&M Consult helps you through every step of the licensing process

If you are a physician assistant looking to obtain your medical license in Texas, we are here to help. Garanflo and Meyer Consulting has 50 years of experience in the licensing division of the Texas Medical Board, and we bring that expertise with us when working with our clients.

How to obtain your Texas Physician Assistant License

Getting your physician assistant license in Texas is a two-step process.

Step One
The first step in the physician assistant licensing process is pre-licensure. You may have heard this step referred to as “screen” or “screening.” During this step the applicant must submit all required documentation. Pre-licensure staff will correspond with you via email.

In order to move from pre-licensure to the second step of the licensing process, applicants must pass the Texas Jurisprudence (JP) exam and complete the fingerprinting process. This is different from years past when the JP exam didn’t have to be taken before step two of the licensing process. Now the JP exam should be passed as early as possible in the pre-licensure step.

Step Two
Step two is the assignment to a licensure analyst. At this point your individual analyst will review all of the required documentation, making sure the content meets Texas law and Board rules.

How can G&M Consulting Help? Stress-free PA licensing!

Many physician assistant applicants are so busy attempting to finish their PA program and finding employment, that the last thing they need is to try and maneuver through the maze of licensing. At G&M Consulting, we take care of the documentation and stay on top of both steps of the Texas medical licensing process for you! If you are interested in learning more about our services, call 888-400-1580 today!

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